Irish eyes see cuter HDMI

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Irish eyes see cuter HDMI

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At long last it’s time for the wearing of the green and the drinking of the green beer – and not just in celebration of the one who banished snakes from Ireland, regardless of whether or not snakes were actually there. Latest news from leading leprechauns says that the Redmere Company, based in Ireland, received a “prestigious” award for its innovation in HDMI cables. As above rock dwellers already know, the High Definition Multimedia Interface is a key component for transmission of digital media. HDMI connects everything from DVD and Blu-ray Disc players to personal computers and game consoles.
Why Redmere? They are the makers of the “Ultra Thin D-Type Active Booster Cable for the Mobile HDMI Market.” In other words they may not have invented the HDMI technology but they make HDMI technology more portable. Redmere’s technology is said to remove 80 percent of the copper and PVC traditionally found in those bulky, weighty HDMI cables. The replacement technology allows for sleeker, thinner, lighter and more environmentally friendly HDMI cables – in other words, cuter cables. Such technology also may just transmit digital data faster than a digital speeding bullet.
At a glance it’s just a cable. But to the folks at Redmere, it’s so much more. As they see it, these are compact active cables that “embed signal processing technology directly into the cable structure.” This extends the capability of HDMI, USB and other standards. It eliminates data loss that occurs when high speed signals are transmitted over copper. Such smart technology is a big reason for Irish eyes to be smiling – and everyone to be drinking green beer.

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