Is a flowchart worth a thousand words?

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Newsflash from the world of apps: inFlowchart is here. What’s that, you say? Well, for all who have ever wished for the ability to create flowcharts on the go, the inFlowchart app for iPad is here to simplify your life. And no, it’s not a free app but for a mere $9.99 it makes your processing life so much easier. Using multi-touch gestures you can draw shapes, duplicate them, easily connect them with arrows, and even personalize them with styles. Completed flowcharts can be saved to a PDF or as a document within the inFlowchart file system. Of course, there are other similar apps such as iDesk for iPad, inShort for iPad and iPhone for diagramming goals and tasks, and more.
Flowcharting as a means of documenting processes was first used in 1921 by mechanical engineers. And don’t we credit almost everything in our lives to engineers anyway? Using a series of shapes, including rectangles, arrows and more, the engineers outlined a series of steps in a process. At some point there were conventions linking specific aspects of a process to specific shapes. Perhaps someone looked at it and called it a chart of the flow of things and you can follow the logic. But now flowcharts aren’t just for engineers or even the technical world anymore. They’ve been used for everything from assembly instructions to troubleshooting, to sales and marketing analysis, and problem solving of all types. If you’ve got processes, the inFlowcharting app means – there’s a chart for that.

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