Is It Time To Get A New Office?

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Many businesses consider relocating offices at some point during their operation.  There are lots of reasons why they may do this, but it’s a big thing to consider.  There are many pros and cons and risks involved, so here are a few things to weigh up if this is something that may be on the cards for you.

Goals and objectives
Considering moving office requires thinking about your goals and objectives for the business, and the reasons behind your decision to move.  Relocating is a major hassle and very disruptive for any business, so it’s got to be worth your while to do it.

English: Birmingham Business Park. Newly compl...

English: Birmingham Business Park. Newly completed office blocks awaiting tenants on this thriving business park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If your business is growing fast, and you see further growth and expansion as a major goal, yet at the same time your current office can no longer cope with the demands of the growth, then it makes good commercial sense to seek larger premises to cope with this.  This is a valid reason to move.

But wanting to move just because you’d like to have a better view or to be closer to the new cafe that’s just opened on the other side of town aren’t really justifiable reasons, unless you can afford the time, expense and hassle involved.

Consider alternative options
Before you start looking into new offices, think about whether there are other options open to you to solve any immediate issues that are causing you to think about moving in the first place.  If it’s a question of lack of space, then could you consider having a reshuffle of desks and furniture to fit more people in the room?

If document storage is a big part of your operation, could you consider using outside document storage services to store your documents off premises, thus freeing up valuable space in-house?

English: shared office

English: shared office (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Could you consider utilising the services of freelancers or allowing some members of staff to work from home, if you are short of desk space in the office?

Business success
Whether you decide to move office or not also depends on the market and sector that you work in.  If you think that your current dwelling is holding the business back, and your competitors have got the edge over you because of where they are based, then this could be a compelling reason to move.  This is especially so if you are reliant on clients coming to visit your premises, or if your office no longer supports the use of your technology needs.  You will want to be seen as keeping up with competition and having impressive facilities will be part of how you market yourself to your customers.

Yet at the same time, you’ll want to think carefully as to whether it’s the right time to move or not.  If the market you’re operating in has become unstable or you are planning on a major campaign with your work in the coming months, then it might be advisable to hang fire for a while until you have time to commit to a move when other priorities abate, or when things become clearer in the market that you’re operating in.


Market (Photo credit: qwertyuiop)

There are no right or wrong considerations, and what might be an important factor for one business, might be totally different for another.  But it’s always worth thinking things through thoroughly before you make the leap.

About the author:This guest post was written by the team at WD Storage – confidential offsite document storage .

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