Is Pinwheel the next social web thing?

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What would you get if you combined Flickr with Twitter? Okay, it’s not Flitter. The correct answer might be: Pinwheel, though it should not be confused with Pinweel (without the “h”). Pinwheel is hoping to be the next big thing in social networking. Pinwheel subscribers can “find and leave notes all around the world.” Pinwheel notes can be public or private, sent to a single person or a group, be organized according to topics or simply random. Notes can be in the form of poetry or prose. Jokes. Advice. Memories. Include images or not, and use them for personal or business purposes. Use the notes to promote a book or sell real estate. Write a manifesto or a grocery list. You get the idea. It’s like Flickr for text, or Twitter with geotagging.

English: Caterina Fake, co-founder of flickr.

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Pinwheel is the latest venture of Caterina Fake. In case you aren’t up on your social web entrepreneurs, Caterina Fake founded Flickr which she sold to Yahoo for $35 million. Later on she founded Hunch, a “taste-graph” that helps people discover and share stuff – and it’s not easy to explain Hunch. On Hunch, you could take the correlation challenge where you might discover that people who prefer gel pens over pencils are 23 percent more likely to drive solo to work. In any case, Caterina Fake eventually sold Hunch to eBay for a rumored $80 million. And now the world is abuzz over Pinwheel which attracted gobs of funding because investors tend to bet on people with a track record rather than on the specific ideas they’re shopping around. Meanwhile, the people behind Pinwheel, a group photo sharing app, tried to take down Pinwheel but now they all just seem to be getting along.

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