Is Social Media Right?

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Is Social Media Right?

All of us are happy to be connected to each other and the world through our phone. However, we have to analyze what are the economic and emotional harms we are subjected to.

It has been reported that 47% of people who use social media do so using their mobiles. Four out of ten smart phone users use a social network application. The most popular free app is Facebook. There are 192.8 million monthly active users of Facebook on Android and 147.2 million monthly active users of Facebook on iPhone.

Use of mobile signal and airtime increased considerably after the Facebook November 2012 app release.
Though cost of data is falling, mobile data usage is increasing steeply. People are spending much more money for the extra data they are using for social networking.

People are getting highly addicted to using smart phones for social networking. This acts as distraction while driving and driving reaction times are getting adversely affected causing number of fatal accidents.

A number of people are worried when they are not able to access their social networks. Lot of people have difficulty sleeping after using social media. Some people have difficulties of relationship because of confrontational online behavior.

It has been found that turning off mobile phones and avoiding the internet cause high mental disturbance to people.
Connecting to social network results in loss of privacy. Lot of women are worried about this.

Thus there is big drain financially and emotionally by getting connected to social networks about which phone users should guard against.

Is Social Right

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