Is the Email Charter for you?

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Chris Anderson, journalist of newspapers, publisher of computer magazines, spreader of goodwill, and curator of TED Conferences is on a campaign to revolutionize e-mail. In his world, e-mail is a burden. Your inbox has the power to not only suck away precious minutes from your day, but also the ability to completely derail your agenda by changing your priorities. Between “Reply all” and “cc’s” that are “like mating bunnies,” along with responding to questions from people they may not even know, some people are drowning in a sea of e-mails. For all who share his feelings about this, Anderson is tossing out a lifeline. It’s called the Email Charter. With tips for writing as well as responding to e-mails, the Charter aims to tame the deluge and send you to your happy place – which seems to be somewhere without a computer.

The Email Charter with its request that e-mail writers be brief, thoughtful and cut excessive responses with NNTR or “No Need to Reply,” was hailed by important people who receive more e-mail than they want. And this does not include Spam, which almost no one wants. But not all are quick to embrace such a Charter. Some see it is an unnecessarily harsh approach that doesn’t take into account all the numerous ways that e-mail enhances all our lives. Those “cc’s” and “Reply all” can be important because they allow everyone to be on the same page – literally. Brief e-mails may save time, but they also communicate less. And, valuable information can be lost in translation. Meanwhile, some people are fans of information that comes to them via e-mail. Not to mention links to jokes, cat videos and fun photographs. Meanwhile there’s a guy who has gone e-mail free. He uses an autoresponse message to tell you that.

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