Is there a Blu-ray for Nintendo?

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Published on November 26, 2016 with No Comments

It is said that a rumor without a leg to stand on will get around some other way. And so it is that a rumor about Nintendo and Blu-ray is managing to get around, even as no one is sure whether it has a leg to stand on. The latest is that Nintendo’s planned “new” game console will include a Blu-ray drive. The sources are anonymous but the rumor continues. In spite of video streaming gaining popularity, Blu-ray happens to be faring very well. SO it isn’t a surprise that Nintendo is paying attention. According to the rumors, Nintendo’s Blu-ray console will be much more powerful than the Sony PS3. Of course, it remains to be seen whether the new Wii will have graphics that can come near to that of the PS3.
But even if all the rumors are true, enquiring minds want to know if Nintendo’s Blu-ray console will have the ability to play movies. The current Wii uses DVD discs for its games but it does not play movies on DVDs. Another set of rumors says the ability is there but it’s just all locked up, and possibly jail breakers manage to tap into this capability. So really and truly we’re not telling you anything other than repeating rumors here. And, to be clear, some previous Nintendo Wii rumors haven’t materialized. But we’re always interested in new Blu-ray developments and just the mere fantasy of Blu-ray and Nintendo romancing each other is kind of exciting.

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