Is this your next car?

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Should the car of the future look like the car of the past? Only you can decide when you pull out your debit card for your next vehicle purchase – who uses checkbooks anymore? Whatever you decide, it seems the folks at Future Vehicle Technologies are banking on an outside-the boxy-car of the future. After designing their first prototype, the “alé,” which (allegedly) tested at 92 mpg on gasoline alone, they are now on to the next big thing. And that would be the “eVaro,” a hybrid that gets between 122 – 325 mpg with a top speed of 135mph and can go from zero to 60 in five seconds – allegedly.
“FVT has always believed that significant fuel economy improvements can be made without sacrificing performance. Fuel-efficient cars don’t have to be slow, ugly or unimaginative,” say the folks in charge. Their car has three wheels which is thought to optimize aerodynamics and allow a more artistic design. Just in case the question arises, they want everyone to know that three wheels doesn’t mean it’s “tippy.” It actually whips around those corners more easily than its distant cousins on four wheels. They’re also planning a four wheel design, just in case.
And why haven’t you seen one of these “series” hybrid cars dashing through your neighborhood? Well, that’s probably because it’s not in production yet. They’re still in the R & D phase and soliciting investments to get the car on the ground – minimum investment is $10,000. For those not paying attention in science classes, a series hybrid is a car that uses an electric motor to drive it, with a small gas motor to “top-up the battery pack.” The other kind of hybrid is “parallel.” Most of all, let’s address the big concern here. You’re driving around and you want to drive through Culver’s or DQ. You’ll be happy to know that the canopy opens up “like an electric sunroof.”

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