It’s All About the Dogs and Ponies

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From the halls of previously unimaginable practices comes something that is lovingly described as “Creative Dog Grooming.” And this has nothing to do with a creative dog grooming itself. Rather it is the latest in dog and pony shows where the dog can literally be made to look like a pony – or a panda or a buffalo. And just for the record the term, “Dog and Pony Show” describes elaborate, showy displays and events. It originally referred to small traveling circuses that played in rural communities, featuring dogs and ponies as the main attraction. It isn’t clear whether practitioners of creative dog grooming believe such terminology applies in this case.
Strategic shaving and accessories such as hair extensions, dyes and even feathers can transform the average poodle into so much more. No one knows how the dogs like their transformation but, out of approximately 25,000 folks voting on Paw Nation, 58 percent thought it was creepy and humiliating for the dogs, while 42 percent thought it was cute if done safely. On the other hand, if you’ve always wanted a pony or panda or hippopotamus and all you can afford is a dog, here’s your opportunity. And ultimately, the best way to understand the depth and breadth of this is to look at the photos and decide for yourself.
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