It’s all about the Hypernet

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For all who thought the Web and the Internet consisted of one and the same thing, innovative minds wish to differ. Latest word from the Techonomy 2011 Conference says connectivity is all about the Hypernet. And it could be said that the Hypernet is the Internet on steroids but we won’t say that here. The Hypernet consists of the Internet as we see it today (because it might change tomorrow), plus apps and whatever set of future developments occur. According to Roger McNamee, of Elevation Partners, a firm that invests in intellectual property, people are shifting away from browsing on the Internet on computers and going toward mobile devices, and in many cases using apps as their primary mode of interaction with the Web.


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McNamee notes that just five years ago Microsoft had 95 percent of the connected devices market. But today half of all connected devices are Smartphones which connect through cellular networks. Consequently, instead of using index searches, users are connecting via apps. They go to LinkedIn when looking for jobs, Wikipedia when looking for facts and they go to other branded apps when seeking to fill their needs. McNamee boldly states that in the world of the Hypernet, Microsoft and Google will be “hamstrung” by their past success because they will no longer be relevant in the world of mobile. Meanwhile, the introduction of HTML5 will be a key factor in the move toward the Hypernet, said McNamee. Where once there was standardization there will now be personalization and customization. For now, HTML5 is still in development, but parts of it are in use already. In fact, 34 percent of the top 100 websites are using HTML5. This version includes new syntax such as tags for video, audio and canvas which simplify the process of handling multimedia content.

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