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It may have been YouTube, Vimeo or some combination thereof, but once we all started watching videos online, it was only a matter of time before the video-fication of everything arrived on the scene. So it comes as no surprise that eCommerce is embracing video in a big way. Video not only seems to command more attention in the marketplace but it has a way of bringing a product to life, especially when paired with a clever marketing strategy. Of course, all bets are off for boring videos and not-so-clever marketing strategies. It’s even better when a video marketing piece can be tied in with an app for the products and services being marketed.
But incorporating video into say, a website seems to require a bit of strategy for optimum effectiveness. First of all, there’s placement. Visitors are fickle beings who don’t necessarily scroll around your site for the fun of it and in the hopes of discovering the next viral video. Surprise! Surprise! Therefore, a product video is most effective when placed in the upper portion of a site where it is easily noted. In the world of newspapers, this is known as “above the fold.” Of course you should make a fun and interesting video but there’s more you can do. Add a “Call to Action” feature that invites visitors to click. This has been shown to increase viewing. But wait, there’s more. Viewers seem to like it better when the video matches the color-scheme and other customized “look and feel” of the site. Ah those visitors – so many eyeballs, such short attention span.

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