It’s Only an E-Paper Phone

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Almost daily someone unveils a new scenario of what the future of computing might look like, taste like, smell like, feel like and the lot. While none of us can be sure which of these will bear out, it’s a fun guessing game. Now, the latest stuff is on track to truly “bend” the mind. The next big thing in computing is likely to be a bendable computer. You’ll be able to stack it on your desk or toss it across the room when it crashes. In another version, you might wear such a device on your wrist or some other body part. Maybe in the distant future, it might even be a piercing – or not. Its developers are sure that in just five years everything will look like this. And by everything, they mean smart phones, computers, possibly iPads, lamps and other things we might imagine.
This revolutionary prototype was designed at Queens University in Canada. It uses e-ink technology. Imagine merging a Kindle with one of those plastic paper protectors in three ring binders – without the three-ring binder. The resulting device can respond either to touch or to being bent – like Gumby. Details on this latest technology will be presented in the coming week at the CHI Conference in Vancouver, BC – which is just north of Microsoft land. And what is CHI, you ask? It is the Computer-Human Interaction conference with people from 40 countries discussing all things relevant to humans interacting with computers – which is just about everything but for simplicity’s sake let’s just say design and technology. Its daily opening session is called “Madness.” Gotta love that.

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