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Published on May 09, 2016 with 1 Comment

In the age of Lifestreaming, it can seem like all your digital life is on display for all to see. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Several apps and bits of software, as the case may be, are trying to help you tame the broadcast beast. The latest among them is Posterous Space which allows you to share easily while also sharing privately. And to be sure, we get that there is at least one oxymoron in that last sentence. Create a group of friends, family or drinking buddies. Post relevant pictures, videos and other amusements. Whatever you share with them on Posterous Space, stays at Posterous Space – it is rumored.
The thing that most distinguishes Posterous Space from other similar utilities is the way it addresses privacy. Well, that’s what’s most publicized about Posterous Space anyway. Another notable distinction is that the folks behind this want to accommodate the not so very technologically savvy among us. For all who may not be into apps and the like, there is e-mail. And yes, it is duly noted that e-mail is no longer considered a thing for technologically savvy folk. Whenever a post is posted to Posterous Space, group members who are not on Posterous will receive an e-mail. Lucky them. So it could be said that for private sharing with groups of your choice, there is Posterous Space. For everything else there’s Facebook.

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  1. i don’t need to be more socially anti social than i already am. i post stuff to myself the way it is, lol!