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Advantages of iOS 5

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The iOS is regarded as one of the most popular operating systems on smart phones and tablets. As is obvious, it is owned by Apple, Inc. and features on all of their mobile peripherals such as tablets and smart phones. Ever since the introduction of the first iPhone, the iOS has been regarded by many people as one of the best and the easiest operating systems to use on a mobile phone because of the ease of use.


It provides all of the features that you would want, including a range of social networking integration options as well as various other utilities and options that a person can use. The quick response rate, and the amazing textures and visuals just made the iOS all the better for the people. However, only a month or two back, Apple released the iOS 5, which was an update from the iOS 4.3.4, and has a range of different new features. Find out some of the advantages that iOS 5 gives to its users below.


Firstly, the most obvious advantage that users get from this latest update is that of Notifications. A feature that was common to the Android platform has now been adopted by Apple, Inc. and a new drop down Notifications bar has been located at the top. All you have to do is swipe your finger or thumb from the top to the bottom and the Notifications panel would automatically be pulled down with it. All of the notifications that you might have received such as Facebook messages, new Tweets, missed calls, dialed calls as well as the weather can be checked from the Notifications Panel. This panel also provides real time feeds of notifications, showing them at the top of the page rather than on the complete screen.

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Another very interesting feature that has been made available in the iOs 5 is iMessage. The iMessage is a completely new service provided by Apple, and works pretty similar to the famous Blackberry Messenger. Users can send messages from one iPhone to another or even from one iPod to another. Basically, any Apple device such as the iPad is also capable of communication via iMessage. This is one of the handiest features available in iOS 5, and for fans who wanted a dedicated messenger to converse with other Apple users, it is an absolute necessity to have.


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Another important update that has been made in the iOS 5 is the introduction of iCloud. iCloud is Apple’s version of the cloud computing system, allowing people to backup all of their data on the cloud servers. This allows a safe storage device for people, and the best part about having an account on iCloud is that it lets you push all of your stuff on to your other Apple devices. This means that if you have uploaded something from your iPad, you can now view and save it from your iPhone too, providing a lot of convenience and ease to users who had difficulties in transferring data.


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