Joking around with your business

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Clayton Fletcher tells jokes. He tells about his dad, a jazz bassist telling him girls dig bass players. Then he saw a guy playing a guitar while singing a love song. Girls like ballad singing guitarists better. He imagines what it would be like to speak in a British accent to his child, from birth through twelve – then stop. And in comedic circles the child would continue speaking in the British accent. One imagines the child being homeschooled and forced to hang out with British immigrants as well.

And though the worlds of comedian on stage in dimly lit rooms, and corporate executives in brightly lit conference rooms may seem to be as far apart as the North and South poles, it doesn’t have to be. Peppercom, a public relations agency hires Fletcher, the comedian to teach employees how to use comedy in their jobs. Executives at the firm believe that funny material commands more attention than the dry and lifeless Power Point which might instead send folks Twittering on their Blackberries.

So, many guys walk into bars and some of them duck. Or cannibals eat a clown and wonder if it tastes funny. Joan Rivers says people should stop going on about Elizabeth Taylor’s beauty and instead discuss her fat. That last one prompting a backlash comment at Joan Rivers – shattered faces shouldn’t throw Botox. Make em laugh and they’ll give you the business – so seems to be the thought process there.

All aren’t convinced that this is the way it has to be. Is funny just the new thing to happen to business presentations? Can anyone be a comedian? Should companies leave their Creatives in the back offices and hire comedians for presentations? And what happens if the clients don’t get all the jokes? No joke is funny to everyone in the room.

For now, with talk that the economy is showing small signs of life, it’s important for businesses to continue exploring bold, new ideas. And while it isn’t clear what comes next, we know who goes first into the world of comedy to drive business – Peppercom just went there.

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