Jordan “Bobcat” Quam – One Dream, One Nation, One Team

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My name is Jordan “Bobcat” Quam. I was born in the spring of 1987 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and I have one brother who is two years older. I grew up playing football and various other sports. My primary occupation is landscaping, which is fitting because I am an avid rock collector and love to go hiking, fishing, and anything outoors. College was not for me because I never quite “fit in the box.” No one understood me, my dreams, and goals. Three years ago while landscaping, I got the crazy idea to go back out for football because I knew I was still fast and didn’t want to be 40 years old and wonder “what if?” I was getting sick of doing hard work and long hours for little pay. I ended up getting in contact with William James Welle, owner of Welle Fast Elite Training. I trained hard for those two years and became super fast and physically strong for my size. My father knew some people connected to the Minnesota Vikings and sent me in the right direction. Last spring, I had the opportunity to do a 3-day evaluation with the Vikings. Unfortunately due to the lockout, they were unable to let me come on my scheduled date. So again, I ended up working jobs for little money.


Frustrated and down, my trainer called me one day and asked me what i thought of the sport of Bobsled. Within 3 days of that phone call, I was on my way to Lake Placid, New York to compete in a bobsled combine. I arrived with little sleep, out of shape, recovering from injury, but was still able to perform well. Two days later, I had my first trip down the bobsled track and it was amazing. I am very comfortable in the sport of Bobsled, believe i will excel rapidly, and help Team USA win a gold medal in the 2014 Winter Olympics.


I am very patriotic and I love America. I want to go to the Olympics and show the world what American athletes are all about. One Dream, One Nation, One Team. Someday, I will help inner city youth get out of the gang lifestyle, get them to focus on using their athletic ability to break the family cycle, and to use sports to go to college and live a successful life without the fears of jail and death.

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