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Published on January 24, 2017 with No Comments

If there’s one thing that prevents the human race from racing around the galaxies, it’s our need to constantly find a power outlet to juice up our devices. One moment we’re happily roaming about when all of a sudden there goes the low-battery warning and we’re done. But now there’s myCharge 6000, which roughly translates to fast food on the go for devices. The myCharge 6000 is a 6,000 milliamp battery pack that extends the battery life of your mobile devices until it also runs out of juice and need to be charged. Okay, so it’s not perfect, but it’s better than most things in terms of convenience, portability and the ability to charge multiple devices. However, in the world of milliamps, it seems that iPad2 with its higher amount of milliamps leaves myCharge unable to fully charge it. Who knew that milliamps could be so complicated?

Of course there are other portable power packs and bags in the wide world of tech, but myCharge wins kudos for being light (a mere eight ounces), small (not much bigger than an iPhone) and the ability to turn any bag into a charging device (fits in your purse). One big plus for myCharge is that up to three devices can be connected at once. So that could be three big pluses? Say, you have an iPod, Blackberry and Kindle, myCharge can connect to them all at once. But if you have two iPhones, well it doesn’t do that very well. Go figure. The myCharge isn’t speedy with a dead iPhone. Charging that could take up to two hours. But it’s great for a quick boost when your iPhone runs down past the half-charge mark. And the myCharge is a good communicator, letting you know when it needs to be plugged in. In other words, myCharge is more highly recommended than other portable charging devices – for now.

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