Just a little browsing with Kindle Touch

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Among the plethora of mobile devices that can do everything, the Kindle, a mainly dedicated e-reading device, keeps going, and going into ever more iterations. This is not a bad thing for an e-reader, but it seems the Kindle Touch, their latest, soon to be released device isn’t necessarily all it’s hyped up to be. At a glance the Kindle Touch 3G notes that the device has free 3G wireless that works everywhere in the world. But look closer and the world of browsing on the Kindle Touch just got smaller. A user of this device can only visit two sites: Amazon and Wikipedia. Again, this is not a bad thing because Wikipedia has a virtual encyclopedia of truth based knowledge in its pages, while Amazon has about the same amount of fiction based knowledge plus products. What’s more to want?

It turns out the people want to be able to do more with less – or fewer devices. And on mobile devices that means browsing. But for a company like Amazon, users of their devices browsing around the World Wide Web eats up bandwidth faster than Cookie Monster chomps down chocolate chip cookies. Actually Cookie Monster has gone healthy, eating fruit and veggies these days. In any case, Amazon subsidizes the cost of its e-readers, in which case, it probably doesn’t want to subsidize users who use the Kindles for tasks other than shopping on Amazon. Meanwhile, those who want a Kindle device with web browsing, cloud storage, movies and music among others might note that the Kindle Fire is, um, burning up the buzz.

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