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Your baseball team won. Get pizza. You completed five strenuous workouts this week. Get an awesome green salad and a healthy smoothie. Met your sales goal? How about a Rolex? Everybody gets a Rolex. Not. Anyone in business understands the system of achievements and rewards because it’s time tested. Now in the age of digital, there’s a new reward based tool for businesses to add to their advertising mix. Kiip is the latest way to deliver ads to gamers in an effort to convert in-game achievements into sales opportunities. Whether it’s Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja or one of those addictive bubble games, players reaching a new level, high score or achieving a certain badge can celebrate with rewards within advertising being pushed to them at each juncture. Though no one is sure which games are in um, in play, just yet.
Kiip partners with businesses from restaurants to cosmetics to snack companies and more. At various “achievement moments” in a game, the gamer is offered a reward from one of the businesses. But the founders don’t want such a reward to be in the form of coupons. They believe that free gifts, no matter how small, build loyalty. Also, Kiip founders believe they are different from banner and display ads because they create a different mindset in the gamer. This model invites a consumer to engage with a brand at a moment of “joy and elation.” Brains respond differently in such a case because the gamer has the mindset of an “earned” reward. Another draw is that the in-game reward system doesn’t take the gamer out of the experience, which is what traditional advertising does. And gaming is the place to get eyeballs – Angry Birds is reported to generate 200 million minutes of game play each day.

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