Lady Gaga heralds new social networking trend – maybe

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If being a fan of Lady Gaga occupies a major part of your life, you now have a direct link to like-minded others. Join and soon you too can be a part of the Gaga fan base. How many concerts have you attended? How many times do you dress up like her? How many Lady Gaga karaoke parties have you hosted? You can add it all to your profile on Little Monsters which just happens to be Lady Gaga’s social network. And with 180,000 fans already signed up for Little Monsters, possibilities for anything might just be endless.

For all who are not necessarily Lady Gaga fans, the personalized social network isn’t done with you yet. Fans of Nike shoes and gear may soon be able to join the Nike social network. We wouldn’t expect anything less of Nike, a company that seems to be well connected – in more ways than one. After that, other social networks could be in the works for other musicians, products and services. Perhaps in the future there might even be social networks of the social networks. But we digress.

Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters social network was created by Backplane where they say they’re creating “a new type of social corridor.” They envision users will be able to find “more meaningful ways to connect and engage with each other.” Their tagline is “Create Community,” and their goal is to unite people “around interests, affinities and movements in unprecedented ways.” As the Backplane team sees it, “social networks are for the people you went to high school with,” but “Backplane is for the people you wanted to go to high school with.” Perhaps there is another social networking platform for the people who went to college – and did not graduate – and went on to found their own tech companies. Well, you get the idea.

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