Lessons from the ‘most creative people’

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From Garet Hil, founder of the National Kidney Registry, to Michael Karnjanaprakorn, founder of Skillshare, and Ceelo Green, founder of well, Ceelo Green, the people on Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People of 2012 are a diverse group of “business innovators who dare to think differently.” Among other accomplishments, they’ve figured out ways to capitalize on their creativity, breathe new life into old brands and transform analog life into digital models.

Kéré Architecture founder, Diébédo Francis Kéré designed a school in Burkina Faso, Africa. While the design would win awards for its beautiful design elements, it was highlighted for an innovative method of cooling the building with a passive ventilation system that did not require an air conditioning device.

Cyrus Massoumi founded ZocDoc, which allows patients to book appointments online. As a member of a consulting group he was accustomed to “suiting up” for meetings. He recognized that such an image was not the ideal one for seeking startup funding. He and his colleagues untucked their shirts and bought some blue jeans to look the part of an innovative startup entrepreneur.

Jeff Charney was recognized for updating the image of Progressive Insurance, which had an older work culture. He got a local high school to send their marching band through the company’s headquarters. He hired a gospel choir to break up a corporate meeting. Under his watch, tattoos and Harleys were in, but PowerPoints were out at Progressive. In this new, updated culture, the company wrote more than $15 billion in policies last year. Similarly, Deborah Borda shook the “cobwebs” off the Los Angeles Philharmonic to make it more relevant.

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