Let an app help you do business

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Let an app help you do business

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With 100,000 apps and counting, it’s easy to get carried away with the more playful addictive apps for the iPhone and iPod touch. Whether it’s shooting up stuff in Tank Battles in Suburbia, or audio Tweeting with Voice Mark, or simply playing virtual skateboard games, iPhone apps sure have expanded the entertainment options for the smart phone world. But on another level, apps have also opened up new possibilities for conducting business on the run.
Numerous business related apps make it possible to have an office anywhere with just your iPhone. For those all important documents, Quickoffice and Documentstogo allow you to edit Word documents and also work in Excel and Powerpoint. Got databases? There’s Bento by Filemaker. But in the world of databases, it’s important to remember that the phone has limited storage so not too much data and not too much base and you’ll be just fine. It’s an app afterall. Otherwise it might be called a computer. And really, a computer should be a Commodore 64 or Apple II. Or something more.
More useful apps include the ability to print, yes, print, from your iPhone with printnshare. Of course you need a printer and printer server software. Have no fear, this really can be done. Put the print server software on a USB device and you can print from anywhere. Rumors are that you can even print remotely to your home or office computer over 3G/EDGE. Rather than collect business cards you can scan them with the Worldcard mobile app.
While the entertainment apps tend to be cheap or free, business apps will cost you. But what’s a few dollars for the convenience of being able to work from anywhere? Even the door-to-door sales staff will cheer for the Creditcardterminal app that let’s you process payments on the run. Of course it will also run you a few bucks. Aside from the $50 app, there’s the authorization processing fee at $25 per month plus a per transaction fee. That’s a lot of vacuum cleaners or art at the art fair.

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