Let the Yarn Spinning Puns Begin

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So this is a tale about yarn and art, or art and yarn, but it is not knitted in the traditional way. Yikes. You would do it too. When the story is about yarn, it’s hard to resist the call of the inner punnist or punner as the case may be. After all the “spinning of yarns” of all types has been around since the beginning of sheep – well, in the world of conjecture anyway. Not to mention the knitting of brows which dates back to the days of Cro-Magnon man. But while we may not have any purls of wisdom to share, when you get down to the “knitty gritty,” the art of Agata Oleksiak is at the very least, conversation worthy.
She may not sell sea shells on the seashore, but the results of her penchant to knit one purl one – after another, has led to some fun, interesting and attractive results. Instead of knitted scarves and mittens, there are the street bicycles, shopping cart cozies and some that probably qualify as human cozies. Her combinations of yarn with balloons are doubly cool. And well, we could go on and on, stringing you along. By now, some people are in stitches over this and others may not care that there’s a pattern in here somewhere – but it’s all good.

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