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Not a gamer? No excuse. You need to know why this game is cool for designers and gamers both. LittleBigPlanet actually allows the gamer to BE the designer. The game initially came out in 2007 for Play Station 3, but dedicated  players are anxiously awaiting its release on PSP in the fall to take their skills mobile. The game is pretty much a blank slate: once you customize your Sackboy (or Sackgirl) avatar, you’re free to quickly snap and stick building blocks into place using a “pop-it” menu.


After constructing an object and it’s motions, one can customize it by uploading pictures or designs and make swatches that can directly be wallpapered to any part of the game! With instant gratification like this, some think that game is the future operating systems for creativity . Sven Travis, the founder and chair of the Communications and Technology Department at Parsons The New School for Design says, ” All design work- including print layout, print design- will be done on game consoles.” With the collaboration possibilities the game possesses, this idea doesn’t seem that bizarre. Four people are able to design levels simultaneously and once brought live, any Internet user is able to play the game and edit the content. With agencies becoming more collaborative and integrated, this type of transparent work might be what the future holds. It breaks out of the dependence of just a mouse and the Creative Suite. In essence, Sackboy is the cursor and the pop-it menu is a huge library that extrapolates to the world wide web. This is truly a game made by designers, for designers and we can only imagine what kind of functions the PSP will offer.

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