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It seems like just the other day we were discussing Livescribe, the smart pen. At the time it seemed like such an advanced idea. Use the Livescribe Echo or Pulse “pens” to write on “paper,” and you can upload your notes via a USB interface. The paper is not just any paper but a special type with dots that act as guides. The “pen” is also a voice recording device. Such a great tool for meetings, classes, seminars and whatnot. But a technology that stays stagnant quickly becomes irrelevant and perhaps obsolete. Perhaps with this in mind, Livescribe added a new feature called Livescribe Connect. This addition took Livescribe to the next level as a social networking tool. Write something on your special paper with your Livescribe pen tool and with a mere underscore, you could share your selected, written words on Facebook or Twitter.
Latest news from Livescribe is that they have added even more connectivity. Users can connect to Google Sites and Microsoft OneNote. And why are they doing this? Well, according to the party of the first part and the party of the second part, “Written and spoken information are two powerful communication tools; however, most of this information is largely inaccessible in a digital format. Livescribe fills this void by enhancing the capture, access and sharing of written and spoken information both on paper and electronically …Livescribe Connect improves digital note taking by making it simple for people to move handwritten notes, with audio recordings, to OneNote so they can recall every meeting, lecture and discussion.” Now you know and you can be the party of the third part.

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