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The 25-45 year old “set” is allegedly interested in “guided outdoor adventures,” such as day trips to parks and more distant destinations. They also want to find restaurants, shops and services near to the places where they live and work – mostly in cities. This is the demographic for Social Buying programs and Flash Marketing opportunities. If those words conjure up images of Groupon, it’s worth noting that Living Social is racing into the field. Running a distant second and not receiving any $6 billion advances from Google, Living Social is quietly building its brand. Okay, so not so very quietly. It recently got $175 million from Amazon and, it not so very long ago acquired Urban Escapes. All the better to offer Yoga Hikes and other escapes for the Living Social Crowd.
Like Groupon, Living Social with an app for iPhone, offers discounted goods and services at a discounted rate. Visit the spa for 25 cents on the dollar. Buy shoes, eat out, go to a concert and never, ever pay full price or anything close to it. In some cases such social buying is thought to be a good marketing strategy for up and coming businesses seeking fame. In the case of Groupon, the deals are available only if sign-up quotas are met. In Living Social, an original buyer who convinces others to buy the deal can earn a freebie. For the businesses offering the deals, there is the opportunity to attract more customers who might just stick around after the deal is gone. But given that the goods are deeply discounted and the business must share revenue with the marketer, it isn’t always the best thing.

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