Look but don’t talk to the hand

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Comedian Martin Lawrence probably had no idea that his “Talk to the hand” schtick would soon become the ubiquitous insult that it is. Be that as it may, the hand might not be such a bad thing to talk to if it’s one of Guido Daniele’s “Handimals.” The hands cleverly oriented and painted to look like elephants, snakes, birds and the lot have gained such popularity that AT&T employed Guido Daniele to create hand images for its billboards. Each of the striking images was designed to represent something from one of the many countries where AT&T services are available.

But Guido Daniele’s work encompasses so much more than his clever hand work. Though his AT&T work is quite spectacular. The art school graduate is known for a broad spectrum of work including illustration, body painting, photography and more. From his home base in Milan, Italy, he has made a name for himself showing off his talent in the world of fashion, advertising and theatre backdrops.

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