Make a documentary with lemons

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Make a documentary with lemons

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Everyone knows what to do when life gives you lemons. As it turns out, lemonade can be different things to different people. Ah yes, there’s strawberry lemonade and mango lemonade and the ubiquitous pink lemonade which isn’t made with pink lemons. For Erik Proulx, the figurative “lemonade” is a documentary film called “Lemonade,” that the unemployed, advertising executive created using social networking tools for resources, after his latest job loss. The documentary focuses on the lives of other creative people, who upon finding themselves unemployed, made drastic life changes.
While recent surveys indicate that 55 percent of the employed don’t really like their jobs, it is estimated that between 70,000 and 130,000 advertising professionals have lost theirs. But Proulx and others have come to the thinking that while it is difficult to face the pink slip, such an experience can free recipients to pursue other dreams and in the process discover something entirely new about themselves. Of course the basics such as mortgages, meals and a mechanism for bill payment aren’t easily ignored. But Proulx got by with a little help from … well we really don’t know, but we’re guessing there were friends and family.
He started a blog called “Please Feed the Animals” or PFTA for short. Others shared their stories and soon enough the idea for “Lemonade,” the movie was hatched. From the Tweetdom came the resources for the project, including a professional film crew and donations from Virgin America airlines. All of which could mean that asking for things sometimes works. For now Proulx has indicated that he’s banking on “Lemonade” taking him to a more lucrative future. Whether or not he lands a big distribution deal we can all conclude that when life gave him lemons he made – “Lemonade.”

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