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“Big-screen moviemaking comes to the touchscreen.” So say the people at Avid Technology as they roll out a version of Avid Studio for the iPad. It doesn’t have every bell and whistle of the desktop version of the video editing software, but it claims to have enough of the features that truly matter. The app can be used to create, enhance, edit and share Avid projects. This sharing can be to YouTube, Facebook or some other outlet, or a project could be uploaded to a PC for further work. Unfortunately, Avid projects cannot be loaded from a PC to an iPad, and the app isn’t available for any other device. But the people behind Avid Studio note that the iPad has changed the way people create videos and their app is a response to this shift. Of course, “big-screen moviemaking” can mean different things to different people, but the app is said to be better than other similar products for the iPad.

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Creators also say that Avid Studio is more intuitive than its competitors. For instance, you can double-tap to view the timeline, or pinch open for frame-by-frame trimming. In the hands of ‘avid’ video enthusiasts, Avid Studio can create professional looking stuff using a range of transition and effects tools. Fade and dissolve, pan and zoom, picture-in-picture and multi-layer 3D animation are all in the mix. There are also great options for the audio portion of the video, again for a professional sound. The app works on both versions of the iPad but reviewers believe it works better on iPad 2. Ultimately, it depends on the complexity of the project. Being an iPad app, it isn’t intended as a replacement for the desktop version – yet.

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