Making more money with less work

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In the dream world people select their partners for life and go on happily ever after. In the real world they visit a web site that beckons – Life is short have an affair. In the dream world, computer programmers write easily readable code with clear labels, if only as a backup plan when their own memories fade. But in the real world, as any new programmer knows, it’s common to discover the exact opposite.

In the real world someone who works ten hours a week and plays video games the rest of the time, is a slacker who lives with his parents who yell at him to take out the garbage – and brings him to Dr. Phil. In his dream world, he’s making around $10 million a year working ten or less hours a week. And to that we would normally say something along the lines of – Dream on. But in the case of Markus Frind, he seems to know what nobody knows. His real world is his dream world.
After wandering across the world of computer programming with unreadable gibberish in the place where program code should have been, he tired of the world of organized work, studied Microsoft’s web tool and created, an online dating site. Experience from his own ventures into online dating taught him that it wasn’t exactly cheap fishing for companionship. So he decided his site would be free. After all, shouldn’t a poor slacker have equal dating opportunities?
Unable to afford advertisements for his site, he signed up for Google’s Adsense hoping to make money. He made $5 his first month. But his page views grew by leaps and bounds until folks were lining up to advertise on his site – which is thought to be poorly designed. The paid dating sites started buying advertisement on Frind’s free dating site. And Frind isn’t looking for any more fish to fry he’s happy to make lots while working less.

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