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With the release of iCloud, the world of cloud based computing just got a little bigger and perhaps a bit or a few bytes more complicated. But have no fear, we’re here to help you make sense of it all. Well, we’re drawing on information from because we like them. We’re guessing that somewhere out there, you’re trying to decide what to choose. Actually, if you are an Apple house, it doesn’t take rocket science to know what you should choose. You’ve accepted the idea that Flash is not part of your digital life support system and you’re thrilled that whatever you do on one device automatically pops up on other devices. And really, 5GB of free storage goes a long way when photos and music are excluded. iCloud is a digital age concept with no analog equivalent.
For everyone else there’s Amazon, Google, Windows Live and Dropbox. Amazon’s cloud drive is like a closet in your basement where you store everything – up to 5GB worth for free. But unlike your basement, Amazon lets you expand your space at $1 per GB per year. Google’s cloud is like having closets all around your house. One for music, one for e-mail, photos, documents etc. Each “closet” has just 1GB of space with the ability to get an extra 20GB for $5 per year. Windows Live is like your kind neighbors storing 25GB of your stuff for free. You can’t ask them for more. Dropbox is a great option because it’s compatible across devices, including Mac. But, it’s like commercial storage space. You pay for what you get – beyond the free 2 GB. And in case you just emerged from under a rock, the “Cloud” is a group of servers that you access by connecting any device to the Internet.

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