Managing lists and pirate talk

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For all who heard the greeting, “Avast, there!” last week, it was not a reference to antivirus software but rather a commemoration of Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19. If you missed it, you might consider an intermediate commemoration by talking like a pirate on Halloween while entering it into your digital calendar for future reference. Or like Dave Barry, you might consider enacting other “Talk Like A ….” holiday ideas – Barbie Doll and Bart Simpson come to mind. In any case, Talk Like a Pirate Day (TLPD), accidentally invented by two guys on a racquetball court many years ago is very slowly gaining traction. It’s slightly more popular since the inventors e-mailed Dave Barry and asked him to be their official spreader of the word. And by golly, shiver me timbers, he took up the banner – or would that be the skull and crossbones? But it is still not widely known, and even less widely observed.
Most recently, TLPD gained the attention of the folks at Listpro and they’ve included pirate lingo as one of their lists. Listpro is an app for Android or iPhone that promises to simplify business and personal lives through better list management. Create your own lists for shopping, business expenses, presentations or projects, or download one of theirs. Choices range from area codes in Germany, to the Bible in a Year study guide, to Hills of Britain or even songs from Glee. There’s also a grocery list template. Ultimately everything in our business and personal lives revolves around proper list management. At least this is the viewpoint of the developers behind the Listpro app. And while Listpro might encourage talking like a pirate, they are unlikely to encourage app pirating by using such apps as Crackulous. Arr.

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