Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t tell jokes on Oprah

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In the latest episode of geeks in the news, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who’s done a ton of press appearances, ascended to the biggest stage of all, appearing on Oprah. It was a good match. He not necessarily known for his show biz skills and she not necessarily known for her tech savvy. And we like it that way.

MZ as we like to call him, hooked up the big O with her very own Facebook page. While Oprah and friends traded witty comments, MZ just kept going on the serious stuff, all the while not telling jokes. We imagined lots of possibilities for a computer geek using the words byte and bit in witty ways while discussing Oprah’s favorite subject – dogs. But it didn’t happen. Maybe one does not go on Oprah and make dog jokes regardless of one’s friending power.

The main message from MZ is that all that hue and cry about Facebook taking control of member’s data was unwarranted. If Facebook were a country it would be large and it would be a democracy, said MZ. Members control their information. And as we looked on, it was difficult to imagine MZ, a quietly, brilliant type, being mean and bossy over Facebook data. But who can predict anyone else’s propensities for good or evil anyway.

What we really wanted to know though is what apps Oprah would be using. No clue on whether Oprah knows or cares about apps versus say, appletinis. Maybe there is an appletini app that Oprah can send to her friends. Either way, just the other day Facebook announced that it would be serving up advertising inside its apps. Unlike other outfits, Facebook had made its code accessible to developers so they could embed ads in the apps. An ad could look just like an app. Hasn’t this been done before?

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