Marketing the naughty little snack

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One day soon you’ll go to your veggie aisle and there you’ll see those naughty looking bags that call out your name and tug at your piercings. They’ll want you to take them home and get down and – um, crunchy with them. If you listen really carefully, you’ll hear the thumping drums accompanied by a thundering voice with a catchy little ditty, “Baby! Carrots! Extreme!” Who would have guessed that the next junk food would be baby carrots? Of course this is the second case of carrots reinventing themselves since the original “do over,” so to speak occurred when farmer, Mark Yurosek decided that there had to be a way to cut away the rotting and other imperfect parts of carrots to profit from them. And how? Baby cut carrots took the marketplace by storm.
But then the storm passed and sales were said to be flagging. Time for a new reinvention and rebranding. Hence the $25 million marketing campaign aimed at rebranding baby cut carrots as a junk food. Their new packaging is more reminiscent of the Doritos bag than those generic, transparent plastic bags we’ve grown to love and ignore. The campaign, spearheaded by Bolthouse and lovingly labeled “A Bunch of Carrot Farmers,” promises to reignite the spark or at the very least appeal to the young and daring who are thought to be seeking naughty thrills such as, “Baby! Carrots! Extreme!” It will stick in your head. The creative forces behind the campaign set out, “To separate it from being a vegetable as much as possible, to create a new category for carrots.” So far it’s generating much buzz and we’ll wait and see if sales follow.
Eat ’em like junk food

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