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Just when you think they’ve invented every possible way to publish thoughts, along comes Medium, which is the new Blogger, except not, because it’s the new Pinterest, except not, because well, it’s Medium. This latest venture from the folks who brought us Twitter is the new way to publish thoughts without having your own blog. According to the founders, a Medium post is not like a blog post because you don’t need to find followers. Medium was founded by the Twitter founders who apparently decided that there needed to be a way to expand your thoughts beyond 140 characters. Given that the vast majority of blogs remain un-kept (and possibly unkempt as well) due to a lack of new ideas, Medium provides a way to publish just one thought or idea with no pressure to keep it up.

Users can post images and written content on Medium. So far the posts fall into categories such as “This Happened to Me,” “Look What I Made” and “Been There, Loved That.” The public isn’t allowed to post just yet so the content is sparse. Like other published images and thoughts, the Medium posts can be public or private. But just because you share something on Medium doesn’t mean it will go viral in a jiffy. As it turns out, stuff posted on Medium is ranked according to popularity. So you still need to post stuff that will resonate with the audience. For now it’s easy to scroll through and read posts about experiences such as sharing urinal space with Al Gore and Bill Gates. However, once everyone who has ever “gone” there with a famous person posts thoughts, there could be a vast amount of clutter to wade through.

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