Merging art with land

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Merging art with land

Published on February 15, 2017 with 1 Comment

The term “land-sculpture” could conjure up images of numerous natural phenomena including waterfalls and old volcanoes. But in the case of artist, Beverly Pepper, who at 87 is still busily working on her art, a land sculpture is something entirely different. Some of her sculptures are built into the land to evoke the idea of the land and metal or glass forms merging as one work. Making news most recently for her sculpted amphitheatre at a private residence in New York, Pepper insists the work is more of a sculpture than a theatre, even though the owners use it for performances. The difference between it and other sculptures is that it cannot be moved around to galleries or sculpture parks. And to think, she started out as a “commercial artist.”

Pepper’s work, not all of which are land sculptures, involves forming land and metal or other artistic medium into something she defines as a sculpture. Most frequently her works have triangular elements though not all are shaped that way. As with most modern art, Pepper’s sculptures are subject to interpretation and not all are fans of it. One of her works commissioned for Dartmouth College in New Hampshire was the subject of much debate for its jagged edges and triangular shapes that did not sit well with students who wanted to sit there. Regardless, Pepper has received commissions to work her artistic magic all over the world.
Pepper's land art

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  1. I must say that the work is really amazing & something that I would like to write about. Please do let me know whether I can blog about her.