Mirror on wall admires Apple

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Sight unseen, and even in the face of criticism for not being feature rich, the Apple iPad is rumored to be generating around 10,000 orders per day. This of course, adds another layer of admiration for all things Apple. In a recent survey commissioned by Fortune, Apple has emerged as the most admired company for the third straight year. A whopping 51 percent of business leaders helped put Apple at the top of the most admired list. Of course other companies enjoy admiration from businesses and consumers. Consumers and business leaders admire Amazon.com and eBay. Drivers love their BMWs. Then there’s Google and Yahoo and the pancake house down the street – or at least Nestle, number one in food companies.
But analysts have concluded that Apple doesn’t just have customers, it has fans – a word related to fanatics. They are not objective about similar products even in the face of additional features and benefits. Apple is thought to be the company that has changed our world the most. From the way we buy and listen to music, to our brainy phones to the way our world could never be the same again without the App Store. Who ever thought a store could exist and be popular for selling something so intangible. Okay, a long time ago there were software shops in malls, but nothing like the online app store.
Beyond Apple products, Steve Jobs has also captured the public admiration. In 2006, the Fake Steve Jobs blog was widely covered in a broad spectrum of media. Hungry for insider information, newshounds widely speculated on the identity of an author with so much material. Though Dan Lyons had a long and impressive writing resume, he is mostly discussed for the Fake Steve Jobs blog. And now, material from the blog is being turned into a TV show – on a small cable channel but still … Apple rules.

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