Misbehaving is good for you

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Misbehaving is good for you

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All misbehaving is not equal. Those who learn to misbehave inside the lines will find such behavior can rejuvenate the very soul. Okay, so misbehaving inside the lines can sound like an oxymoron to you purists out there. But others have rushed in with definitions of misbehaving within the lines. Forget fraud or pornography or eating a gallon of mango ice-cream when you’re on a diet. That’s misbehaving outside the lines and it will only lead you down the path of self-destruction or ill-gotten gains as the case may be.
So how exactly do you misbehave inside the lines? Well, you could take off for a Mexican vacation in the middle of the week, on the spur of the moment. You could chuck your mortgage banking job to perform magic tricks. Well, if you’re a mortgage banker you’re already performing magic tricks. Regardless, the folks who wrote the “wholesome” guide to misbehaving believe it’s okay once in a while to, speak out of turn at a meeting, go rogue at work and share your outlandish ideas with your boss, dress in an outlandish outfit or crash a party – well that’s been done.
misbehaving5 It isn’t clear whether Dr. Michael Salzhauer’s behavior counts as misbehaving. He’s the guy behind an iPhone app for plastic surgery. Ah yes, from tummy tucks to augmentation of your disliked anatomical features, this app can be either a preview of what you might look like with the appropriate enhancements, or an entertainment option in game mode for guests at your holiday party. Who would have thought there would be an app for that? Either way, experts believe “wholesome” misbehaving breaks can improve creativity and bring good cheer to all. And by extension, it is said that cheerfulness is health while melancholy is disease.

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