Mixel: An app for sharing collages

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In the world of Social Media, there’s sharing and there is, “Sharing.” At a glance it doesn’t mean much but while sharing can become routine and boring, “Sharing” is about being involved in a fun and interesting exercise together. For this second type of sharing activity there’s Mixel, an app that involves creating something artistic and sharing it. Mixel bills itself as the first social collage app. However, there are several other activities related apps such as Words-with-Friends, and there are Pictionary-esque drawing apps that also encourage online social interaction. Mixel is fun because it uses preexisting images that can be assembled and reassembled into collages during the sharing process. It’s the type of app that’s said to be fun for all ages from kindergarten to senior citizens.

As with everything else, the developers of Mixel decided that given the right tools and environment, most people enjoy trying their hands at art. But because most people may not have taken art classes, the photo collage is more easily accessible. With the Mixel app, users can choose items from their own image libraries, Facebook or other online sources. Once a collage is created it can be shared with friends and followers. These friends and followers can comment and also reassemble the elements of the Mixel collage into an entirely new piece of artistic genius. In some circles Mixel is an example of how images are fast becoming a springboard for social conversations everywhere, whether it’s on Instagram or some other app with images.

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