More and better ad optimizing

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More and better ad optimizing

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When the word “Rubicon,” appears in a search, data miners are left wondering. Is someone looking to buy a Jeep? Images of a Jeep for an art project? It could be a search for a curriculum mapping tool. It could be a quest for the restaurant, a charity or even the river in Italy by that name. A search doesn’t truly convey information about the objective of the seeker and is therefore not very useful to the marketing world. Search information can leave digital media outlets and their customers guessing. At least that’s the point of view being taken by “Rubicon Project,” a two year-old company that plans to take data-mining to the next level.
Using a range of tools, company leaders hope to revolutionize the world of digital media advertising with its technology. Rather than the range of fragmented data being collected by various outfits, Rubicon Project will offer aggregated data on web site visitors. Such data will give a holistic view of site visitors and apply scores that will identify their real interests and behavior. Perhaps it will be finally possible to tell if a search for “Onion,” is for the allium or the popular newspaper – and whether such a seeker is interested in hoodies with amusing graphics.
Ultimately, Rubicon Project founders believe they will help online publishers achieve a better match with their advertisers and therefore allow them to charge more for ads rather than a scatter plot approach with loads of cheaper ads. It seems that not everyone may want teeth whitening. Some are possibly quite happy with discolored teeth, so why would an online newspaper go after cheaper teeth whitening ads when they could possibly get Harry Winston? It is thought that of the $65 billion worth of Internet ads, Google controls only 23 percent, leaving a vast amount for others. Rubicon’s CEO believes his product can truly keep freedom of information free for us all.

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