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Okay. Quickly. What’s SMWF? It’s the abbreviation for Social Media World Forum, of which the European edition is happening now. It’s the latest conference chock full of discussions on social media strategies and best practices for businesses, with experts such as Brian Solis – who was most recently at that other big event. One “take away” from SMWF comes from Proctor & Gamble’s digital innovation leader – Usama Al-Qassab. Content is key to social media marketing, said he. People go to Facebook to socialize and businesses need to remember this while including social media as part of a wider marketing mix. Others at the conference suggested that business leaders develop a clear vision of what they’re offering and how they would like people to respond to their social media messages.
Meanwhile, other experts suggest that smaller sized marketers might think twice and start small in the social media marketing game. Start with a great Facebook page or a great Twitter feed, which ever one you can do very well. Many companies get ahead of themselves because they want to take advantage of viral marketing opportunities or they fear they’re falling behind, said Brain Sheehan, who teaches advertising among other things. Regardless of what “experts” believe, Guy Kawasaki recently launched a 12 point strategy to drive sales of his most recent book. These included, Facebook, website and e-mail marketing, distributing free copies for review, staging a contest, developing an infographic and more. “The big picture is to launch a product as big and fast as possible and to succeed — not save the most money.” Kawasaki says that being a legend shouldn’t be your goal in life, “What you should do is create a great product or service…the goal is to change the world…if you do that, maybe you’ll be a legend.”

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