Musicians and music distribution by social media

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How do you generate a generous sized social media following? “It’s really just actually communicating with fans, not just selling things to them.” Such advice could come from seasoned business leaders, but in this case they are from Mazy Kazerooni one of the duo who founded, a Facebook app that helps musicians spread their words and music into the social sphere. Kazerooni was a 17 year-old high school student when he and co-founder Matt Schlicht barged into the geekly land of Silicon Valley as social media advisors. That was in 2008 when all they had going for them was a love for the Internet, a creative bent and knowledge about playing in the social media space. Soon enough they had attracted attention from Lil Wayne whose Facebook fanbase grew to 30 million people under their watch. Even before, the were guys who accompanied several musicians to business meetings as social media advisors to the stars, so to speak.


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But their true “baby” is which offers musicians a way to build their fan base. The music is streamed on YouTube, Vevo and SoundCloud. In order to listen to the music fans could be required to click the “Love” button on the app and offer up their e-mail addresses and other information. The musicians can build a list of e-mail addresses and other demographic information about their fan base. As it turns out, Lil Wayne’s fans were very engaged with the long letters he wrote from prison. These letters were posted on his Facebook page, thanks to his social media advisors. He wasn’t selling anything, just communicating with his fans and therein lies the key to social media success. At least according to Kazerooni. Now they’re dreaming of going beyond Facebook with into the world of content distribution so that all musicians can engage with fans and build a database of information about their fans.

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