Negative thinking could be positive

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Much has been said and written about the power of positive thinking. Anyone who has taken online psychology classes has heard of this concept. If you can dream it you can achieve it. Imagination is the voice of daring, said Henry Miller. Whether it’s a business or personal goal, the conventional wisdom ball has often been in the court of positive thinking and dreaming. But not all are sure that such positive thinking delivers success. In fact, positive thinking may actually set you up to fail. The universe doesn’t automatically deliver things just because someone imagines them, says Heidi Grant Halvorson, who has a PhD in the Science of Success. And who would have guessed that success was scientific?
From such expertise comes the thought that positive thinking may actually be harmful. Focusing on an ideal future could cause you to underachieve in a big way – or would that be a small way? Meanwhile, negative thinking could actually be a very positive thing. If you believe the road to success will be difficult, you are more likely to persevere over the long haul because you never imagined it to be a rose garden. And such perseverance might actually lead you to success. So rather than always looking on the bright side of life, Monty Python might have been more successful envisioning the glass as half empty. But wait, the Pythons were wildly successful – and that could mean that optimism wins.

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