Nerd courage: Steve Wozniak is a dancing star

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Stop the presses. Sound the trumpets. One of our own has joined the ranks of “Dancing with the Stars.” Geeks everywhere should lay down their flash drives, their external hard drives and all other technorati accessories, and head to the nearest, high def television set. Steve Wozniak, the other Steve, the one who left Apple Computers is now competing on DWTS. The show mostly known for sparsely clothed women, who are given to the occasional wardrobe malfunction doesn’t often play host to members of the Geekdom.

It could be argued that the Woz, as he’s lovingly known, is notorious for straying from his domain in the halls of silicon. Wasn’t it he who dumped us for chatty Kathy, the voluble comedienne of BravoTV, reality show fame? Didn’t he run away to the halls of academia in Berkeley under an assumed name? All the while everyone else of geekly stature was dropping out of the vaunted halls of ivy because the computer couldn’t wait to get ahead of its time.

Still, it’s rare to see one of our own in the klieg lights and though we logically know his grip on the stage is somewhat precarious, we’d secretly like to see him advance. On his own site, it is noted that he isn’t exactly Fred Astaire. But who cares? He is us. People who make the technology that makes the entertainment world possible. He is a “head nerd.” So come out, come out, wherever you are and cheer for the Woz. His days on DTWS may be numbered.

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