New App Will Double Your Reading Speed

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Published on January 13, 2017 with No Comments

New iPad app claims to increase your reading speed by 30% to 300%. The app, developed by Latvian programmers, works by presenting only a few words of text at a time so that you can take in the words without moving your eyes. The speed at which words are presented can be set and as your ability improves, you can increase the speed along with the number of words presented. On average, normal readers can take in about 240 words per minute. However, with the new app, speeds of 600 words a minute can be achieved.

The potential application for this app in schools and for students is huge. I wish this would have been available when I went to college at UND.  It definitely would have helped me soak in all that knowledge at breakneck-speed. 😉

Full story via Big Think

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