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For anyone who wondered how long it would be before app developers started bridging the worlds of the iPhone with the iPad, wonder no more. There’s an app… Remote Palette, developed by Dare Digital, an agency in London, uses the iPhone as a palette and the iPad as the canvas. One 99 cent download works for both devices once they’re paired through a Bluetooth connection. The users tap or shake the paint from the iPhone to the iPad canvas where they can paint. It’s obviously not real paint and it’s not the most sophisticated art tool – yet. The colors and brushes are limited. But the Remote Palette app does illustrate an innovative way to use the two devices seamlessly. There’s sure to be more to come on this front.
But for all who think of the digital world as the future, breaking ranks with the analog past, the developers of Remote Palette are among those who say, the ideas of the future are definitely grounded in the past. Remote Palette wouldn’t be remotely possible without the history of palettes and canvases – obviously. The apps developer notes that people tend to like stuff that’s like the stuff they already know. Everything from augmented reality to e-ink can be traced back to the pre-digital decades. As they see it, this is an important lesson for all in the marketing world. The consumer does make fine distinctions between the digital and printed message. It is only important that the message is received.

Warhol uses the iPad

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