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It could be the world’s smallest park or just a place to be barefoot in the grass. These living flip flops have been around a while but not many have been seen underfoot. They are said to have 5,000 blades of grass which will grow if watered. Too bad summer is gone. Perhaps there will be an ice version in the next few months.
You don’t have to be Lady Gaga to attract attention. You just have to spend about $900 for a genuine, goat fur mini skirt. Pair it with a shaggy purse and furry footwear and all eyes will be on you.
Okay, so if that stuff is too superficial here’s something more intellectual. Latest news from the world of science casts the spotlight on something called, “Dance your Ph.D.” Who would have guessed? Rather than a yawn inducing, dry presentation, candidates can choreograph a dance that explains their research findings. Everything from the spread of anthrax, to bacteria moving around in the intestinal tract, to agriculture in Phoenix and Ghana as it relates to phosphorous scarcity can be choreographed. All of which means, if you’re getting a Ph.D. and your friends don’t dance – they should be no friends of yours.

A Ph.D. dance

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