No more shopping at the HP store?

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Published on April 27, 2016 with No Comments

At the Hewlett Packard online store you could buy anything you want, but now they want you to leave. At least this is what readers have gleaned from the very recent announcement that HP is getting out of the smartphone and PC industry. That means no more Touchpad with its “Kindle for webOS,” no more customizable Pavilion Notebook, no more customizable Omni Desktop and any of the multitude of computers one could buy directly or indirectly from HP. It also means no more Palm Pixi, Pre and other Palm stuff from HP’s relatively recent acquisition of all things Palm. Not from the HP store anyway.
Even as PCs are high in revenue generation, they are reported to be the least profitable product line. But that could be the least of the issue according to tech watchers who headed for the broadband to discuss this latest development – or reverse development, as the case may be. The aforementioned tech watchers believe that webOS rhymes with mess rather than success, and in embracing the platform, HP took the road that should not have been travelled. Meanwhile Android is still going strong and we don’t even have to mention Apple – though we just did. But if you have HP Notebooks, smartphones and the like, have no fear. There is no need to panic. Your products are unlikely to disappear like the Oldsmobile. The division will spin off into someone else’s hands and all kinds of wonderment could be in the future. If only the future weren’t so unknown.

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