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At Miss Shirley’s in Baltimore, you can get Cornmeal Encrusted Oysters for Breakfast, or you can get Steak and Eggs, or just a bagel and some coffee. But you probably want to go there on Sunday because Miss Shirley’s Café was voted “Best Brunch,” in the area earlier this fall. Miss Shirley, a much loved foodie is no longer with us, so to speak, but the café celebrates her loving spirit. Early this year the management at Miss Shirley’s decided they wanted increased traffic and buzz. They turned to “modern marketing” experts for help and soon enough arrived on the social media scene. One aspect of this involved the Mayor status on Foursquare. The Mayor of Miss Shirley’s would jump the line – up to an hour some days. But now there is much angst over that Mayorly status and its perks.
It turns out that not everyone who Checks-in the most deserves such status. There are cheaters who merely Check-in while passing by. Others have myriad ways of getting around actually spending time in the place. Ostensibly, those actually sitting down to Tea at Miss Shirley’s became angry at the extensive reach of those undeserving “Arm Chair” mayors. Now Foursquare has enacted new rules that will throw the bums out of their mayoral status. Before now, it may have appeared that social networking had no hard and fast rules and it was merely something fun and social. But with a new set of rules of conduct, Foursquare and others of its ilk could actually be more valuable to businesses. And just for the record, Miss Shirley’s saw an 18 percent traffic increase with the Foursquare promotion.

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