Nothing comes between a man’s brain and his sports car

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In the wide world of neuro-marketing – yes, there is such a world and it’s ready and waiting to welcome you. Anyway in the aforementioned world it is thought that when customers are attracted to a product their brains send out signals. Experts in the field are hooking people up to devices to check out what activates the brain of potential customers. No word yet on what they do to the people whose brains aren’t activated by anything at all.

In one such study, Daimler-Chrysler studied the male brain on cars. They found that the sportier car models lit up the reward center of men’s brains. Surprise, surprise. This center also lights up for alcohol and drugs. All of which says we could potentially solve a lot of problems if we only gave every man a sports car. Hey Oprah, are you paying attention? You get a sports car. And you get a sports car. Everybody gets a sports car. Utopia has been achieved.

Somewhere there’s a guy who sells light bulbs and he has giant can of orange spray paint headed for a sports car lot. He’s mad because his product is not at all like the sports car. While the sports car conjures up images of the open road, the light bulb comes with chains attached to the household chore list. Such a list doesn’t light up any man’s brain.

What’s a poor light bulb seller to do? Fear not brave light bulb seller. Sports cars and their owners need light bulbs too. It’s only a matter of time before they’re desperately standing on your doorstep.Isn’t it always about your position in the marketplace?

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